Woodless Water Color Pencil
Product Name: Woodless Water Color Pencil Category: Woodless pencil
Specification: 36 colors Diameter: 7.2mm
Length: 145mm Shape: Round


Color pencil with function 1+1
It belongs to a kind of colored pencils. It is upgraded with a new function on the basis of the

original drawing function. Can draw a pencil like picture effect at the same time. It can also

create the same picture as watercolor. After drawing with "water-soluble colored pencils", use

"water and brush" to smudge the painting to produce a rich color effect. Like a dreamy

watercolor painting.


For ordinary color lead, the drawing color is the lead color, the lines are more delicate.For watercolor lead, besides the basic functic function of color lead,it can also be blended with water, after evenly spreading, the color will melt and gradually change into similar colors and have watercolor effect.


The color stacking effect is good,the color layer has high transparency, the color is breathable,

comfortable and beautiful,and not dull.The picture is easier and deeper



  1. Water-soluble dipped in water for painting, bright and delicate

  2. Unique integrated molding process, highlighting the high-end appearance

  3. Wood-free full lead design, environmentally friendly and durable,

  4. Dry and wet 2 use, can touch water dizzy open,Paint the watercolor effect

  5. The use time of 1 woodless pencil is equal to 3 common wooden pencils use time.

  6. Can draw watercolor effect, the picture is natural and dreamy


Product certification required by each country,
REACH, PAHS, EN71-3,MSDS,ST2002, etc



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